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How It All Started

You know that warm and so fuzzy feeling you get when you know you've done something GREAT. Well, that was the feeling I had when I designed my first website in 2003 while in college. I can say, and yes it's cliche, that it was love at first site (a website that is!) After a 10-year hiatus (working a series of dead-end social services jobs), I decided to up-level my web design skills with an online course. Feeling quite gusty, I invested in obtaining a Software Development certification, allowing me to be exposed to front-end and back-end development. This certification opened the door to the world of Software Testing (QA) (But... can I tell you something...it so wasn't for me!) My heart belongs to web design and development. The place of serving clients and using my creativity to help web style the world. You can download my tech resume here.

FUN FACT: Not only do I serve clients, but I also teach girls the importance of exploration in the STEM world. See how I give back!

Jael Jones has an amazing eye for designing and a unique craft for branding. She was able to design my three-part brochure and deliver my concept, based on my simple feedback!  Her attention to detail is outstanding, professional and she genuinely cares about delivering her best to the client. I would recommend her for any project!!! 

-Andre "Dj Dre 1800" Peterson, Atlanta DJ

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