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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Confession time: I'm not a good hustler. Now I am a hard worker, but I am not a hustler. I prefer calling myself a worker with... heart-er. A hustler (to me) is a person who is all about getting money by any means necessary. At least, these are the types of self-proclaimed hustlers, I've encountered, which is the total opposite who I am. I am an empath. Dr Judith Orloff says that "the trademark of empaths is that they know where you’re coming from." Being an empath, I have chosen to refer to myself as an empathpreneur. The mindset of an empathreneur is that of working and serving with heart and authenticity. Side note: I have tried to mind over matter my way out of being an empath,but I have realized that this is who, and I am growing to accept it.

The Work of Heart

2018 was a year of ups and downs in my career. I worked a series of temporary jobs, in the midst of prepping and organizing my web styling business launch. During this time, I would tell people that I was a hustler. Every time I said this my heart would sink, because that was not the word that fully described my work and service style. After spending the rest of the year soul searching and reading books, I realized the essence of who I am is working with heart. So, in building my web styling business I am mindful that my goal is to center my services around being a work of heart. After all, we can feel with work is done with heart and when it's not.

Continuing to Learn

I don't claim to know fully what it means or exactly how to run a business as an empath. But my goal it to continue to learn by reading books and surrounding myself with others who desire to play, serve and work with heart.

My Empathreneur's Top Three For Success

  1. Doing self-care (in order to)

  2. Listen well (to my clients)

  3. Executing, to the best of my ability...work with heart!

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